Life in the Spirit Seminar – The Healing

12 JULY 2014, 11:41
On the second day of the Life in the Spirit Seminar, there is a healing session. I was preparing myself that I was hoping I will get healed from whatever that binds me from getting closer to God. I want to be freed.

During the healing session, it is about time to forgive your mother. In my mind i already have so many things that my mum did to me since I am a child. But i always surrender this in any healing session before and i thought i already forgive my mum totally and i am healed. I remain sitting but then Bro. Jon keep inviting us to stand. Actually, I am afraid because i already cried so much during the forgiving dad session.

Somehow, I have this courage to stand, so I stand up. As i stand i cried and the prayer ministry team came to me, to pray over me. I start to struggle. I feel a very strong fear. The team surround me and there is something in me that wants me to push myself away from them. Suddenly, everything became very dark and I can not see anything. Never i seen darkness like that as if i am blinded. Then i feel that time i was a kid about 6 or 7 years old. I am so scared in that darkness until I fell down on the floor and searching my way out from that darkness. While I am searching, I called out to my mum. I start to shivering because I am in such a fear. The prayer minister called my name asking me to open my eyes. They keep asking me to open my eyes and keep telling me that there is a light and that light is Jesus. Slowly, I open my eyes and i see the light in front and the cross on the screen from projector. I start to feel safe while I was actually holding in the arms one of the prayer minister. They asked me to call for Jesus and keep calling His name. I did and slowly my fear goes away and my body stop shivering.

But i don’t understand. May Jesus send the Holy Spirit to interprete this to me tomorrow. In Jesus name i pray. Amen.