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Alkitab di Hujung Jari Anda

Nomor Telepon Darurat 





Anda sedih, teleponlah: Yohanes 14

Anda telah berdosa, teleponlah: Mazmur 51

Anda sedang menghadapi bahaya, teleponlah: Mazmur 91

Orang telah mengecewakan Anda, maka teleponlah: Mazmur 27

Rasanya seolah-olah Allah jauh dari Anda, maka teleponlah: Mazmur 139

Iman Anda membutuhkan dorongan, teleponlah: Ibrani 11

Anda sendirian dan takut, teleponlah: Mazmur 23

Anda khawatir, teleponlah: Matius 8:19-34

Anda terluka dan kritis, teleponlah:1 Korintus 13

Anda bertanya-tanya tentang agama Kristen,teleponlah:2 Korintus 5:15-18

Anda merasa seperti orang buangan, teleponlah: Roma 8:31-39

Anda sedang mencari perdamaian, teleponlah: Matius 11:25-30

Rasanya seolah-olah dunia ini lebih besar daripada Tuhan, teleponlah: Mazmur 90

Anda perlu Kristus seperti asuransi, teleponlah: Roma 8:1-30

Anda meninggalkan rumah untuk perjalanan, teleponlah: Mazmur 121

Anda berdoa untuk diri sendiri, teleponlah: Mazmur 87

Anda membutuhkan keberanian untuk suatu tugas, teleponlah: Yosua 1

Inflasi dan investasi memonopoli pikiran Anda, teleponlah: Markus 10:17-31

Anda depresi, teleponlah: Mazmur 27

Rekening bank Anda kosong, teleponlah: Mazmur 37

Anda kehilangan iman kepada umat manusia, telepon lah: 1 Korintus 13

Sepertinya orang-orang tak ramah, teleponlah: Yohanes 15

Anda kehilangan harapan, teleponlah: Mazmur 126

Anda merasa dunia ini sangat kecil dibandingkan Anda, teleponlah: Mazmur 19

Anda ingin menghasilkan sesuatu, teleponlah: Yohanes 15

Rahasia kebahagiaan Paulus, teleponlah: Kolose 3:12-17

Anda mendapat kesempatan penemuan besar, teleponlah: Yesaya 55

Untuk bergaul dengan orang lain, teleponlah: Roma 12



Untuk berurusan dengan rasa takut, putar: Mazmur 47

Untuk keamanan, putar : Mazmur 121:3

Untuk kepastian, hubungi: Markus 8:35

Untuk kepastian, putar: Mazmur 145:18







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Rev. Fr. Dismas Tulolo, S.J

Diary, Letter

I am Running Away Again….

Dear Jesus,

I am running away again from You. I am not a good child. I am not sure where i am heading but i just wanted to be away from you. Am i afraid? Am i confused? Am i denying myself? I am not sure my dear Jesus. Today You will died on the cross at 3pm. Everyone prepared for this day, but me? I am absent from all occasions in your church, with all your people. I am just ignoring it. Even though deep inside my heart i still feel something is not right. Jesus, i know i need You. I need You in every moment of my life but……. I don’t know.

Diary, Letter, Love

#4 ~ Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

I met You today. I feel Your presence today. I feel very miserable these past weeks. Trying to hide from You again but Your power over me is more than anything else in this world. As i woke up this morning i already decided that i will not hide anymore. I want to see You today. I must say that You must be very happy seeing me too. As i am your precious one. Am i right Jesus?

My Beloved Jesus,

Your presence is so unexplained by words again. As i sang and worship and bow my head upon You, i feel You are there. In front of me, telling me that i am Your precious one. As i received You in the Holy Eucharist, i was burst to tears. Even how mean i am to throw You away again and again from my life but You never gave up on me. Never once You gave up on me my dear Jesus. Thank you, thank you so much for Your love for me. What else i can do to repay You? Nothing more You want me to do right? Just to accept You in my life, to be with You, in You and live my life just for You alone. How mysterious is our relationship Jesus. I still don’t understand it clearly but i am sure You have something planned for me ahead of me. When i feel so weak these past few weeks, You, only You that is in my mind but as i said, i keep on kicking You away. Trying hard to kicking You out, but with that makes me feel more and more need You because i am weak without You.

Lover of My Soul, that is the wake up  call, my morning alarm clock. The first sound i heard every morning is “Jesus, Lover of my soul…”… and the song continues…. Yes, my dear Jesus, You are lover of my soul. That is the reason why i can not hide from You, can not kicking You out of my life. I LOVE You Jesus, i wish i can love You more than only the words that come up from my mouth. I know Your love for me is greater than love that i can found in this entire world. Thank You Jesus, I LOVE YOU!

With Bunch of Love ~~ Little Rose ~~


#3 ~ Letter to Jesus

My Dear Jesus,

I am sorry because i am bad today. I talk so much about other people, acting rudely to people i met and anger control me instead of i am controlling my anger. Please forgive me Jesus. I am not being able to follow your way of being humble and down to earth. Treat others with love and share your love with them. Seeing your love in other faces. I am not being able to do that today. I feel very bad about it.

This is my weakness. I promised to you that i am going to be kind today but still i do the same thing over and over again. I admit that i am weak and easily fall into sin again and again. Therefore, i am asking for your guidance and help me to become better person each and everyday. To become more and more like You. Am i worth of it Jesus? Worth of Your love?

Dear Jesus,
That is all i want to say to You because i feel bad about what i did today. I don’t want to be apart from You because i need you in every moments of my life. Each and everyday, every breath that i take.

Thank You my dear Jesus for Your endless love. I love you Jesus.

Yours truly,
Little Rose


#2 ~ Letter To Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Today i am not a good child. I am not doing much things today. As i woke up, i can’t really do my prayer because i am soo sleepy. I am sorry that i can not concentrate during my prayer. I fall asleep for a while and woke up again and continue my prayer. As i went to work, i slept almost all the day i spent in the office. I am not good today Jesus. Besides that i get angry because of one person. Hmmm… I feel bad about it but still i do it. I talk about other people too today. Gossiping again. Bad mouth. Please forgive me Jesus because i am a sinner.

My Dear Jesus,

I don’t want talk too much today. I just want you to know that I Love You but sometimes i forgot about it. How can i say i love you when i didn’t do good to my neighbor, to my friends next to me. So, today Lord Jesus, i want to listen to your voice. Speak to me and i want to listen to your words.

Praise to you above all. Thank you Jesus. I Love You Jesus. Amen.

Love from your Little Child!

Little Rose