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prayer for anxiety
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I lift up my burden into your hands o my Lord my God, my Father in Heaven through your beloved son, Jesus Christ. Amen.


Back to Blogging…

I was too busy at work? Or too occupied with many things that not allowed me with blogging? Nope, i was just being lazy to think and write. However, after lapsed for two years updating this blog, i sense a strong call to write again. So i do…

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I will start to tell my stories again and to start with this new chapter, i make some changes to this blog appearance and the title too. I was drawn to the spirituality and personality of St Therese of Lisieux, so i use this name The Little Flower for this blog. I hope and pray that i will get inspired and share more of my life testimonies as i journey my spiritual growth for years to come. By doing the little things, i will spread the words of love and mercy of my Lord Jesus Christ. Till then…

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Alkitab di Hujung Jari Anda

Nomor Telepon Darurat 





Anda sedih, teleponlah: Yohanes 14

Anda telah berdosa, teleponlah: Mazmur 51

Anda sedang menghadapi bahaya, teleponlah: Mazmur 91

Orang telah mengecewakan Anda, maka teleponlah: Mazmur 27

Rasanya seolah-olah Allah jauh dari Anda, maka teleponlah: Mazmur 139

Iman Anda membutuhkan dorongan, teleponlah: Ibrani 11

Anda sendirian dan takut, teleponlah: Mazmur 23

Anda khawatir, teleponlah: Matius 8:19-34

Anda terluka dan kritis, teleponlah:1 Korintus 13

Anda bertanya-tanya tentang agama Kristen,teleponlah:2 Korintus 5:15-18

Anda merasa seperti orang buangan, teleponlah: Roma 8:31-39

Anda sedang mencari perdamaian, teleponlah: Matius 11:25-30

Rasanya seolah-olah dunia ini lebih besar daripada Tuhan, teleponlah: Mazmur 90

Anda perlu Kristus seperti asuransi, teleponlah: Roma 8:1-30

Anda meninggalkan rumah untuk perjalanan, teleponlah: Mazmur 121

Anda berdoa untuk diri sendiri, teleponlah: Mazmur 87

Anda membutuhkan keberanian untuk suatu tugas, teleponlah: Yosua 1

Inflasi dan investasi memonopoli pikiran Anda, teleponlah: Markus 10:17-31

Anda depresi, teleponlah: Mazmur 27

Rekening bank Anda kosong, teleponlah: Mazmur 37

Anda kehilangan iman kepada umat manusia, telepon lah: 1 Korintus 13

Sepertinya orang-orang tak ramah, teleponlah: Yohanes 15

Anda kehilangan harapan, teleponlah: Mazmur 126

Anda merasa dunia ini sangat kecil dibandingkan Anda, teleponlah: Mazmur 19

Anda ingin menghasilkan sesuatu, teleponlah: Yohanes 15

Rahasia kebahagiaan Paulus, teleponlah: Kolose 3:12-17

Anda mendapat kesempatan penemuan besar, teleponlah: Yesaya 55

Untuk bergaul dengan orang lain, teleponlah: Roma 12



Untuk berurusan dengan rasa takut, putar: Mazmur 47

Untuk keamanan, putar : Mazmur 121:3

Untuk kepastian, hubungi: Markus 8:35

Untuk kepastian, putar: Mazmur 145:18







Selamat Menikmati


Rev. Fr. Dismas Tulolo, S.J


Its Feel So REAL

I was at home. There were my dad, mum, sisters (2) and my niece and nephews. Seems to be everything happen at night not day time. But why my mum, dad and sis went to our ‘ladang rumbia’ at night time? It happens for two nights they arrived home late using the boat at 10.30pm. I was at home. My dad is not very well but my mum still bring him together with her to the farm till night like that. The first day, he is still fine but…. on the second night, he was seems to be “keteguran”. He keep on vomiting and he looks really miserable. I ask mum, what happen to dad. She said, he cross over something not good at the farm and it must be someone do it to him. I feel really bad for my dad looking at him like that, but i still did not want to touch dad, i only ask him whether he wants to drink some plain water. He just nod his head at me. Mum asks my sister to find some ointment that they always get from ‘bomohs/dukun” when they get sick. I start to feel not good about it. I don’t want them to do it to dad again. He suffer too much already.

Silently i went to my brother’s room and get his Holy water and i planned to put some of the Holy water inside the plain water that i promised to give to dad. I pick the small bottle of Holy water and slipped it into my pocket. I went to the kitchen and wanted to get some water but then i saw my sister holding the ointment. I did touched the oil and suddenly i feel very uneasy so i ask them to put it themselves and i don’t want to do it. While seeing my mum and sisters busy in the kitchen talking to each other, i slipped to see dad at living room.

He is still in very bad condition. His face is very pale and he couldn’t hold his head up. Seeing him like that i couldn’t stand anymore. I have to do this. I took the Holy water but i don’t know how, there is also Holy oil inside my pocket. I look at my dad, i make the cross and took the Holy oil and put the sign of cross on my father’s forehead. I told him, we will pray together to get over of what he feels right now. So, i started to pray and i did the prayer in tongue while i massage all over his head using the Holy oil. As i do it, i feel something else is with me and i know Jesus is with me. I feel HE remove the “thing” from my dad and i can see her very bad shape and face. My hand roll down to the back of my dad’s neck and my dad groan a little bit seems to be he is painful. Things happen so quick. Before we end, i hold both of my dad’s hand and i told him we will said the Our Father prayer (in Melanau language) together. He recite it together with me and during that period, i feel so peaceful inside and i am so HAPPY and GRATEFUL to Jesus. I keep thanking Jesus because i feel i get my dad back after all this years struggling with the “things”. I hug my dad and keep saying “syukur”. Suddenly my dad face is change too. His face is now looks like glowing and he is also looks very happy.

After all things finished, i heard my mum and sisters run to the living room. They saw dad is already fine and look at me. I told them, i did not do anything. He already okay, but the glance from them is not so good. They are not happy with me ( i don’t know why). I quickly hide all the bottles in my hand into my pocket. Something else happen after that and i feel i am not secure but i believe even though i am surrounded by that ‘thing’ using my sisters and mum but still Jesus is with me. He is helping me to get through it.

Suddenly i open my eyes and i am in my room at my house in Sabah. I am not at home in Sarawak. But how come everything is so real. As if i am really fighting. I am okay when i woke up but a little bit scared. Had a little bit dizzy and i turn on my laptop and log in to this blog. So i write everything here, before i forget what happen in my dream.

Jesus, is there anything You want to show me? Guide me with Your Holy Spirit. Praise be to God most high. Amen.


I am Not Alone

With Jesus, i am not alone. Walking on the streets, i am not alone. Having dinner by myself, i am not alone. Sitting alone in my room, i am not alone. Working in the office, i am not alone. His name is always in my mind. His name is always in my heart. His presence is every where i go, in whatever i do.

Thank you Jesus for not let me feel lonely again. Thank you for this wonderful feeling inside.

If i ever feel lonely again, please be with me. Make me realize that You are with me. Make me whisper Your Holy name and i will be fine.

If i ever feel anger overcome me, tap on my shoulder that i must control it. Give me strength to cool it down. Make me remember You as my guide, to follow Your way.

Your Blessings be upon all your people on this earth!