Put on God’s Mighty Armor: Our Spiritual Armor

By: Fr. Edgardo M. Arellano

Is there any point in trying to resist the Devil? Can ordinary mortals like us wage war against Satan and win? This Book answers: YES! There IS a way. And this book tells you HOW!

Put on God’s Mighty Armor (a sequel to How to Win Spiritual Warfare) tells us that we are ALL in the midst of spiritual battle with the forces of evil. Unknowingly, many fall prey to the daily insidious attacks of the enemy, because of ignorance in SPIRITUAL WARFARE. And the fight rages on as intensely as never before experienced by man….this being the last century given to Satan’s reign before his ultimate defeat by the Blessed Virgin Mary. This book provides us the spiritual weapons to fight the Infernal Enemy.

Properly read, understood and applied in life Book 1 (How to Win Your Spiritual Warfare) and Book 2 (Put On God’s Mighty Armor) will help us use the right armor and weapon for every spiritual ancounter.
With God, all the saints and angels on our side, there is no way we can lose. The warfare has long begun. We must FIGHT or DIE!

Update (26/09/2011):
I just finish reading more books on Catholic Faith and i really love it. There were:

These books inspire me a lot. You should get one for your reading too. 🙂


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