I Need YOU

As i walk to received HIM, i burst into tears. This is the first time i really can not control my tears when i want to receive HIM. Why? Because HE can accept me for who i am. I keep on repeating my wrong doings. I am a sinful person. But still HE waiting for me patiently. Waiting for me to come to Him.

Me? What did i do? I condemn people who i work with. I can not accept them for they are really annoying and makes my life so miserable. How could i feel and react so badly to them. Without knowing the seed of hatred is grow in my heart. With so much things i dislike it grows into hatred. Why all these kampong people so difficult to handle? Why they so opportunist? Why they so dependent on others? Are they subsidy communities? So difficult yet so annoying… I am give up on them Lord.

Then, Jesus, yesterday during the Mass, You touch my heart. You touch my ego. I burst into tears, admitting that i am weak. That, You accept me even i am stubborn, annoying, ego, emotional etc… How could i can not accept them for what they are, for who they are and treat them well, love them as You accept me and love me? How complicated it is when i must do good for others, must show love for others whom so irritating. That is why, I NEED YOU JESUS, i can not do this alone. I always need You to walk with me Jesus. Please walk with me…….


2 thoughts on “I Need YOU”

  1. The journey is tough and it’s getting tougher as you grow stronger in Christ. Trust me, little sister, you need these people to help you to grow to be a true disciple of Jesus Christ. To walk like Him, To talk like Him. To act like Him…..and others will not know you any longer but they know Christ who lives within you. People will say, ‘I do not know her but I know she is a Christian from her character and the way she behave to towards others. Happy Pentecost Day.


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