Diary, Personal

It’s Lenten Season!

Lent…. What is the meaning of this Lent to me? I am quite blank now…. Jesus, i am not really into this. So many things happen, fast and i am left behind. Lent season started with the ASH WEDNESDAY. As i attended the mass last week, i did not feel so much of His presence. There is something blocking my way to be with Him. Something is not right with me. Every night i carry something very heavy over my shoulder but i refused to pray for it. I just ignoring my daily prayer.

The first Sunday of Lent… My mind was wandering somewhere and I was fall asleep while Father Jimsi do his Homily. After Homily, suddenly i am refreshed and i didn’t sleepy anymore. I told my friend “something is not right with me”… Something that i did wrong and disobey my beloved Jesus. I know but still i refused to pray to Him. Aiyah…

Jesus, i don’t know. I ask for your guidance. Never leave me alone in this situation and i believed You will not left me. No matter how difficult is the temptation during this Lent for me, i am still holding on You. Be by my side, walk with me as i really really wanted to be with You always. Even this human flesh always drag me into sinful things, bring me back to You. I Love You Jesus. Amen.



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