#3 ~ Letter to Jesus

My Dear Jesus,

I am sorry because i am bad today. I talk so much about other people, acting rudely to people i met and anger control me instead of i am controlling my anger. Please forgive me Jesus. I am not being able to follow your way of being humble and down to earth. Treat others with love and share your love with them. Seeing your love in other faces. I am not being able to do that today. I feel very bad about it.

This is my weakness. I promised to you that i am going to be kind today but still i do the same thing over and over again. I admit that i am weak and easily fall into sin again and again. Therefore, i am asking for your guidance and help me to become better person each and everyday. To become more and more like You. Am i worth of it Jesus? Worth of Your love?

Dear Jesus,
That is all i want to say to You because i feel bad about what i did today. I don’t want to be apart from You because i need you in every moments of my life. Each and everyday, every breath that i take.

Thank You my dear Jesus for Your endless love. I love you Jesus.

Yours truly,
Little Rose


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