#2 ~ Letter To Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Today i am not a good child. I am not doing much things today. As i woke up, i can’t really do my prayer because i am soo sleepy. I am sorry that i can not concentrate during my prayer. I fall asleep for a while and woke up again and continue my prayer. As i went to work, i slept almost all the day i spent in the office. I am not good today Jesus. Besides that i get angry because of one person. Hmmm… I feel bad about it but still i do it. I talk about other people too today. Gossiping again. Bad mouth. Please forgive me Jesus because i am a sinner.

My Dear Jesus,

I don’t want talk too much today. I just want you to know that I Love You but sometimes i forgot about it. How can i say i love you when i didn’t do good to my neighbor, to my friends next to me. So, today Lord Jesus, i want to listen to your voice. Speak to me and i want to listen to your words.

Praise to you above all. Thank you Jesus. I Love You Jesus. Amen.

Love from your Little Child!

Little Rose


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