#1 ~ Letter to Jesus

Dear Jesus,

Starting from today, i will be write a letter to you. With hope that i can write it everyday as long as i still breath in this world. First of all, i want to thank you for this day. I have a great day today receiving you in the Eucharist. I am thankful to you because you always touch my heart into a very deep inside. I am grateful that you never abandon me. You never leave me alone. With your presence today in the Eucharist i feel blessed. Thank you so much for your never ending love for me.

My Beloved Jesus,

I watch one video two days ago. It is about the Untouchable in India. It really touched my heart Jesus. How people treat other people so badly. I am glad that i am your follower. I grateful that i have known you. I am really thankful that i found you and then you never leave me alone on this earth. I am proud to Catholic. Proud to be your daughter. Jesus, i am glad that you are the God of the poor, you are the God of the lonely, you are the God of the unloved, you are the God of the  sufferings… you are God for those who needs love the most. Because by your love we find peaceful, we find meaning of life..we find that we are so valuable, we are so precious in your eyes. No matter who we are before, now and in future. Thank you Lord. The feeling for more of your love is boiling in my heart. The feeling of needs of you in my daily life is so strong now. Thank you Lord. Again and again i want to thank you.

My Dear Jesus,

That is all i want to say to you today. I hope that you will not get bored with what i am saying. I just want to express what i feel right now for you. How grateful i am that having you as my bestfriend, as my loving brother & father, as my dearly God.. Thank you for you love me so much. I want to love you as much as  you love me Jesus, therefore i offer my life into your hands. Use me as your instrument just like St. Francis Assisi as ever said, as your instrument of Peace. If i am afraid Jesus, give me strength to overcome my fear. To rely on you alone. I want to cry while i am saying this Jesus. My heart touch by my own words. I know that your love that make me feel this way. Your Holy Spirit always guide me to always follow your path. Thank you again. Never ever i stop thanking you.

Loving Jesus,

That is all for today. I will write to you again tomorrow. I love you very much Jesus. I want to go to bed after this. Hope to wake up tomorrow and see the beauty of the birds songs in the morning and praise you first thing in the morning. Good night Jesus. I Love You.

Lots of Love, Your Little Child,

Little Rose



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