Relationship With Jesus Christ – Part 2

I stay in hostel. Life as a boarding school student is something that interesting and very challenging for me. It was my first time away from my family. Really far away for a 13 years old little girl like me. I was nominated as the shortest and smallest girl in school when i was in Form 1. I am a petite girl with 142cm height, as far as i can remember. Weight? Can’t remember already.

On the first day i step into this school i feel so different from others. The feeling of ” I am a kampong girl. How can i mingling around these all city fellas for as long as i am studying here?”… There were so many things that i am worried of. For three months, i cried at night because i am homesick. Missing my mum, my dad and my sister very much. I just can’t handle my emotions.

There were my seniors that brought me to St. Joseph Cathedral in Miri Town for Sunday Mass. I am so grateful that i met all my seniors that very kind to me.

Okay, when i was in Form 2, i was approached by my English teacher. She convinced me to join her church by asking me whether i am interested to learn about Bible. As i mentioned in my previous post, i didn’t do anything about my Faith after my baptism. I am only a regular Sunday Catholic. So, when my teacher approached me about this Bible Study, i was so excited. She gave me two books and i am a little bit curious because this books is not looks like Bible to me. It is just a book with Bible verses and some comments after the verse. This teacher convinced me to attend their service at their church and asking me to bring along my friends. Since i am hunger for knowing my God for more, i was agreed to join the service and bring along two of my classmates. One Catholic guy and one SIB girl. That Sunday we joined their service. It was something that i unexpected because when i enter their so called church, i was trying to find Crucifix in the room but none of t displayed anywhere in the room. This makes me a little bit curios. My friend started asking me and blaming me for bringing them to that place. It was something different from what we do in our church, even for my SIB friend. To be honest all the people that in there is so friendly and warm welcome us joining them. But, i started to feel awkward.

Actually, that is the group of Christian that they called them as Jehovah Witness followers. That was my first and last time. I return all the books that my teacher gave to me and after that day, i never join them anymore. That is also happen with my other two friends. I apologize to both of them for bringing them there because they feel uncomfortable among these group of people too. Their way is not the same way of Catholic and SIB church practices.

That is one of the experienced that i faced because i am hunger for more. Searching for knowing more about Jesus Christ and His teachings. I though i met the right person that can teach me about Bible. The learning point to be reflects. Trust on people and start to know what is right and what is wrong.

Thank you Jesus for show me the Way and let me experienced this. Amen.


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