I have fear of confession. I just can’t make it when it comes to confession. On 15-17 Oct (last weekend), i joint Life in Spirit Seminar at Kundasang/Ranau. So many beautiful things happen during these three days. One of it is the confession sessions. I am so afraid at first because the fear is there in my heart. Keep on lingering in my head that i can’t make it. I know it is the voice of Mr. S.A.T.A.N. As Bro. Jude said, “If fear is in your heart, there is no love”. His words, makes me realize that i need to overcome this fear. Need to ask for Holy Spirit guidance for this confession. Before i went for confession, i do some sharing with Sis Dot and she did gave me some advice and shared a few things with me. She makes me lower down my nervous and fear a little bit.

Then, i ask for Holy Spirit guidance and may by the power of Holy Spirit i can make a sincere and confessions from my heart. I think about more than 5 seconds i paused and don’t know what to say to the Father. Aiyah! But, thanks be to God with the Holy Spirit guide me, at last i make a confessions and the most beautiful things is that, i can feel that i overcome my fear of confessions. Thanks be to God. Praise Him above all names. How beautiful and how deep is His love for me. Thank you so much dear Lord Jesus Christ. I love You Jesus!…


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