Searching for Jesus

It has been more than a year i didn’t update this blog. I am kinda planned to remove this blog and move on with my story in other blog. But then i realized that this blog is the blog that i created especially to share my experienced journeying with Christ. My journey to understand more of His call for me. To understand more of His love for me. To let His spirit working in my life. So that is the reason that i made up my mind to continue writing and continue this blog. I did wrote some of my experiences in my blog: Little Rose Daily Journal but it is so general things that happen and most of it just about my random thoughts.

This blog i dedicated especially to Jesus. I want to make known of His name, His love for us and how He works in my life. How mysterious it was and i am sure more unexpected things will happen in my life. This is all for His glory an His Kingdom. Thank you Lord for giving me courage to share and touch others life. No other God is wonderful than you in my life.

Praise be to you God. Amen.


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