Never Walking Alone

I was new here, in this new place even though it is already almost three months but not every place i went. I supposed to look for an office because i have to meet somebody to settle the problem of my resignation. I only have in my mind that, i will let Jesus lead me to the place. Usually i have doubt inside my heart on asking for directions like this from Him. I make a call to my friend about the place that i want to go but i have no idea about the place that he explain. So, i just drive through with prayer in my heart “Lord Jesus, lead my drive and show me the right directions to reach the place. Amen”

Seems to be He listens to me. I drive through and found the right area when i saw a sign board “Padungan” so i know i was at the right area. But then where is the building? So, i call my friend again ask for directions. He did told me but then i have no idea about it, because this place is new for me. I have been to this area a few times but it was not me that driving the car. So, i don’t want to worry so much then i ask Lord Jesus to keep guiding my way.

After a while, i saw the building that my friend mentions to me but actually the office that i am looking for is not in that building. The office that i was looking is in the other building across the road. Suddenly, it was raining heavily and i almost lost my patience when i don’t know where is the entrance road to that building. I make a few U-turns until i get there. But, when i let Jesus leads my way the anger inside just flew away. I get to the place that i want to go and with help from the security guard, i make it. He bring me up to the lobby and i met the person that i have to meet.

Then, i go for meal because i haven’t take my lunch and after that i just walk around the shopping complex. While i am walking, inner voice reminds me to go to the daily missal at the St. Joseph Cathedral at 5.30pm. I know i need to go and meet Him in is House. So, i left the shopping complex and drive back to town and this time i let Him lead me to His house too.

I arrive at the church and it was still raining heavily. I join the mass and it was a wonderful experienced that i have yesterday. I say thanksgiving prayer and feel blessed that He will never let me walk alone.

Believe and have Faith in HIM.


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