My Soul Rejoices in My God

Today is the 3rd Sunday of Advent. Ten more days for the coming of the Lord. His birthday that we celebrated every year. Am i ready? I am not yet ready. Too many things that i haven’t prepared. I am lost counting of what i haven’t done. His child is not ready yet. What should i do Lord?

Today’s reading touch my heart with the beautiful sermon by Fr. Albert. The angel voices from the choir singer for today Psalm is really touch my heart too. My Soul Rejoices in My God. My soul glorifies the Lord, my spirit rejoices in God, my saviour. He looks on his servant in her nothingness; henceforth all ages will call me blessed. This is part of the Psalm taken from Is 61: 10 and Lk 1:46-50. 53-54. It was so beautiful. Giving praise and worship for Him alone.

In the 2nd reading taken from the letter of St. Paul to the Thessalonians verse 5: 16-24. Words that struck my heart today is this, Be happy at all times; pray constantly; and for all things give thanks to God, because this is what God expects you to do in Christ Jesus. Am i doing all of these? Am i praying constantly? I am not. I always skip my night prayer, morning prayer and giving thanks to my God for all the things that He has given me in everyday of my life. How ungrateful i am. Hmm…that’s why i am saying that i am yet not prepared for the coming of the Lord. Never try to suppress the Spirit or treat the gift of prophecy with contempt; think before you do anything-hold on to what is good and avoid every form of evil. Wow…hold on to what is good and avoid every form of evil. Deep inside me, i always fighting against my own desire and will because i want to follow God’s will but at all times i fall into the temptations.  I have to admit Lord that i am a sinner.

If it is about the teaching of the church and imitating Christ, i have to do something about it. With the Holy Spirit and His powerful gifts i am not alone in this world because Jesus always send us His Holy Spirit to teach us everything and remind us of all that He have told us.

Finally, i have to say; just have Faith in what we believe.


2 thoughts on “My Soul Rejoices in My God”

  1. Thanks Dear. You have a great and blessed journey ahead too. Life is so interesting to discover more of Jesus each and everyday. Take care and God bless you. 🙂


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