The Gift Of Knowledge – Application Of The GIFT

Some people think creatures can be known apart from God. Others think that man is born good, that evil does not exist in him originally, and therefore there is no need to purify his heart. They think that being naturally good, he can give himself up to what attracts him with perfect freedom and with unlimited joy.

Others see nothing but evil. They think that if there is really a living God, He will not permit terrible calamities like wars, pestilence, famine, poverty, sickness, pain and hardships of all kinds to befall man. On the other hand, there are those who do admit that God exists but that He allows a lot of things to escape His providence – liberty for one and everything else attached to it. Because of this, some people withdraw from what is good and divine.

Nature’s capacity to fascinate springs from its power to seduce. This is spiritual warfare! The devil, appearing as an Angel of Light, seduces us to sin.

Everyone desires happiness and many believe that creatures can give this happiness. God is forgotten. Often Times, we get attached to the goods of this world, giving them too much importance. We abandon thoughts of God, or at least, forget Him for a while. Our faith is oftentimes troubled in its progress toward God. In spite of the strength of the divine testimonies we constantly witness in our lives, memories of attachments to creatures deter us heavily. Creatures attract us and enslave us. They steal our hearts from God.

The Holy Spirit, seeing us surrounded by these false obsessions desires to set us free. He does so by bestowing on us His gift of knowledge.

A closer look at things would reveal that the Holy Spirit really works in hidden mysterious ways.

A friend named Jess was so materialistic and self-centered that he had no time for God. For him, what was important was how much money a man makes and the image he has in society.

But fate overtook him one day. Jess fell seriously ill. No doctor or any of his relatives could console him. As a final resort, since Jess was a Catholic, they sought a priest’s help. When all seems lost, miracles happen. Jess rediscovered God in the emptiness of his material attachments. The Holy Spirit inspired him with a gift of knowledge and after going astray for years, he realized that God is still the Lord of all and that it changed the whole course of Jess’ life. He returned to God a renewed person.

*Taken from Put on God’s Mighty Armor: Our Spiritual Allies by Fr. Edgardo M. Arellano


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