St. Theresa Church, Serian

I love to visit new church every time i go to the new places. Here is the latest church that i went to. It is nice and welcoming church. God is there with the people gathered for the mass offering.


5 thoughts on “St. Theresa Church, Serian”

  1. hi…do u have the st.theresa church serian history???i need the information to do my work…if u hav it can u pliz email to me..TQ


  2. Hai Stella…
    I am sorry. This was my first and last visit to St. Theresa too. I am sorry that i can not help you. I am not from this area. Am only a visitor there… Good luck with yr task anyway! God bless and Have a Blessed Lenten season.

    Oh ya, maybe you can ask Father that do service there. Maybe it will lead you to someone that know the history of this church. I believe Jesus will show you the way.. (^___^)


    1. Hai there!
      I am not sure about that. I active the Rss but i don’t know if it can send junk mails to you. I am so sorry. What can i do? Sorry again.


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