Alone But Not Lonely

I am going out for lunch alone again today. Almost everyday i having my meal alone because there is no friends to join me. They have their own things to do. The funny things is that even though i am alone but i didn’t feel lonely. When i am alone i will meet more people which i can say they are strangers to me. I give them smile and they will smile back at me. When i am walking or busy chatting with friends i am not really aware of the people surrounding me. So, it is good sometime to be alone because i can observed people. I can see how people acts. Some are very kind, some are not too good. This is human.

One happy family, a groups of students, a lovely couple and a lone ranger like me. They enjoy their meals just like how much i enjoy my meal too. When i am alone i can make friends with the owner of the cafe, greets them and have a simple talk about their day that day.

So, there is no point to feel lonely because there are so many new friends that i can meet out there. But, whatever it is i just have to be aware of my own safety.

When i walk alone, Jesus accompany my walk. When i am in danger, He send Guardian Angels to protect me. When i am sad, he send friends to cheer me up. When i am happy, tears of happiness and joy warming my heart, He let me share that moments with my love ones. How great and wonderful is Christ love for me. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen.


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