Lung Cancer and HOPE

I did share a story about my friend’s dad that diagnosed having lung cancer stage 3 last week. The family afraid to inform his dad about his condition. They don’t know how and when is the right time to tell him.

Two days ago, my friend text me and told me that they already tell his dad and he accept it. He agreed to go to Cancer Care Unit at SGH. I feel relief to hear what is just happen and hope his dad will recover. Even though it is a critical stage but there is always HOPE.


3 thoughts on “Lung Cancer and HOPE”

  1. YAY!!! that your friend’s dad is going the the Cancer Care Unit. What a scary time that must be. My family has battled cancer many times. The treatments today are amazing. 😀 My prayers are with him.

    I’m THRILLED to have met another Christian who has dedicated her life to Jesus. I told God to take the reins and will have photos featured in a Christian book next summer. The topic is cancer. He works in mysterious ways. I hope I can keep up with him. 😀

    Blessings! and thanks for the blog review!!!



  2. Good that ur friend’s father accepted his fate. It’s a gift in one way or another because he could prepare for him and his family. They have time to bond and appreciate each other’s worth. Just be there for ur friend and his family they need support. God Bless you, your friend, and his family too.


  3. Thanks JJ, i know it will hard time for him. I am not sure if he want to do chemo so most of it depends on himself and his family support.

    Thanks to you too Joyce. Actually i never met my friend’s dad yet but i really hope he will doing fine to get through this difficult times..

    May God bless both of you and your families too.


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