To LOVE Again

My friend say i am kind-hearted person and concern about others. Am i really like that? Thinking back what had happen to my life i think some parts it is true. I don’t know why when people come to me and share with me their problems i will lend my ears and my shoulder for them to cry on. I have had two friends that frustrated with their boyfriend and they come to me with tears and even telling me that they are trying to hurt themselves because of they feel their life is meaningless already. I can not do anything only listen and keep telling them to love themselves even more and remember that God loves them even greater than their boyfriend. Actually, i know i am not good when become to love relationship between man and woman but when at time like this, it is like something else giving comfort to my friends that using me as it tools. I believe it is God that working at this moments and use me as it’s instruments for my friends.

These last few days, i reflects to a few incidents that happen in my life and i know God is working within me. He used me to to show His love to others and at the same time He is healing the wounds that i have in my heart. So, difficult to say these three words after a few years and it is still difficult today. “I LOVE YOU”. I can’t say it because i can’t open my mouth and even i say it, i didn’t meant it. Hmmphh…Whatever it is i believe God is working within me. Just believe and have faith in Him. Let the wounds be healed.


3 thoughts on “To LOVE Again”

  1. Hi Primoz..Thanks for drop by and thanks for the encouragement. Will write and share more. I believe by sharing we are strengthen our communities spiritual and life journey..God bless.


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