A Friend Need A Prayer

I have a friend that his dad is sick. However, they still not sure what is he suffering from and yesterday they sent him for a medical check-up. The last two nights he text me and ask for my prayer. I am surprised because suddenly he ask for my prayer for his father’s health. Actually i am happy indeed because this is the first time, he sounds very serious about it. I am not sure what is their belief but as brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ, it doesn’t matter at all. We are the same in our Lord’s eyes.

Last night, he text me again and ask for my prayer for his dad again because today the results of the medical check up will out. I feel not good about it and told my friend to pray too. But after that he didn’t reply me. So, this afternoon i text him and asking him about the results. He told me they are still waiting for the results.

A few minutes ago, he text me again and told me that, the Doctor call him and ask him to go to the hospital alone to take the results. When the Doctor said, he want to talk to him alone, that’s makes my friend very worried. I don’t know how to console him and what to tell him. Hmm..i know as a friend i have to support him and give him words of encouragement. He really need support because he feel really down right now. At some point he feel like he is useless for he can not do anything for his dad. Sounds that he really love his dad. The results will come out tomorrow morning. I hope he can accept whatever the results is and be strong for his dad and his family. May Lord give him and his family strength to face this hard situation.


2 thoughts on “A Friend Need A Prayer”

  1. Heavenly Father, I pray for your merciful hand to restore the friend’s father to good health. Let there be be positive results (I know the result is already out but it doesn’t matter since you are in charge!) Let be be more who will come to know you as a result! Amen.


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