I am happy to have a chance create this blog after thinking of it a few days ago. I did wrote about my spiritual experienced in my other site but then it is so difficult to connect to that site with so limited internet connection where i am now. So, i try to use wordpress and i am so happy because i can log in to WordPress.com. Feel very happy about that. Therefore i am looking forward to share my life experienced in this life journey with my dearest friends around the world. The technology didn’t block us from go beyond our hand can reach.

Feel free to read my blog and leave comments or share your own experience with me. It is a great things when we can inspired others by our experienced. Sometimes we didn’t realize that it is He who use us to touch others heart without we knowing it. That’s is how beautiful and mystery God works amongst us. To bring back unity in our community. To love and speard His Good News.

Have a wonderful and blessed day to all the readers of this blog. Peace be with us always.


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